DC comic series – what to know?

DC comic series are a dozen publishing series, which to this day enjoy the recognition of fans of superhero stories. The first and one of the longest-published series by DC Comics is Action Comics, which reached number 900 in 2011. This publication also introduced the first proper superhero character – Superman – into the culture. What else do I need to know?

DC comic series – the first was Superman

Dc’s first comic book series was Action Comics vol.1, released in 1938 #1. The publication also involved the introduction of the first superhero into popular culture. Superman was designed by screenwriter Jerry Siegel and cartoonist Joe Shuster a few years before its release.

Originally, the creators created a character hoping that they could sell the rights to one of the syndicate of newspaper titles. After fruitless attempts, they made an effort to make the hero debut in Action Comics. Thus, they changed the form of the comic book to a notebook format, although until now they were issued in the form of strips, appearing in daily newspapers.

Dizzying amount

The first publication in the DC comic series with Superman on the cover spread in just 200 thousand. Copies. For this reason, the placement of superhero characters on the cover was abandoned. Over time, it turned out that the hero attracted a lot of new readers. Thus, from 7. Action Comics number was already released with Superman on the front page.

Interestingly, according to the latest estimates, less than 100 copies from the first DC comic series have been preserved. For this reason, they reach sky-high sums in online auctions. Among the record holders is one of the action comics vol.1 #1, which sold in 2014 for more than $3.2 million on eBay.

Polish accent in DC

DC comic series also had their Own Polish accents. This was the case with Blackhawk, who appeared in the Military Comics series. The first publication took place in August 1941. The main character is a Polish pilot nicknamed “Blackhawk”, who fled to the west after the defeat of Poland in 1939. There, he continued to fight the Nazis, becoming the head of an international air squadron. The series ceased to be released in 1984. A few years later, Howard Chaykin wanted to refresh the concept by creating Blackhawk vol.2, which was released only in 1988.

Serie komiksowe DC – Detective Comics

When writing about DC comic series, it’s impossible not to mention Detective Comics. It was on the pages of this release debuted another superhero from the DC universe – Batman. One of the most recognizable heroes in history appeared only in Detective Comics vol.1 #27 in 1939. These comics are the flagship DC publishing series alongside Action Comics.

Interestingly, Detective Comics is also the longest-released series in the entire United States. This fact was honored with an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Comics have been published since May 1937, and in 2008 the number 850 was released.

Other DC comic series

In general, DC comic series are a total of several hundred publishing cycles, including several dozen about Batman himself. Among the most important and enjoying the greatest are the stories, in which the main character is just Batman and Superman, as well as such herosi as: Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Catwomen, Nightwing, Wonder Women or a group of heroes from the Justice League. It is impossible to list all the series, but in future articles we will introduce the history of the most important ones.