Game of Thrones: How did others come about? What do you know about them?

How did Others in Game of Thrones come about? From the point of view of the whole book, as well as a bit of a run-out plot of the series, the inhabitants of the Land of Eternal Winter are the most mysterious characters. Their importance in the context of the whole story may (but does not have to) be evidenced by the fact that they already appear in the Prologue. It is also the first scene in the show.

What is known about Others?

There are few mentions of anything explanatory in the book about Others. A little more betray us the producers of the show, although we must remember that not necessarily the threads appearing in the book and in the film production must coincide. About Others it is known for sure that:

  • come from the Land of Eternal Winter,
  • they can resurrect dead people and animals,
  • have intensely blue eyes, hard and white skin (making them called “White Wanderers”),
  • they are resistant to iron, they can only be killed with a dragon glass,
  • when they come, the surroundings begin to embrace the penetrating cold (or they come where the penetrating cold appears.

These are the most basic information that comes from the book. In the serial installment of Game of Thrones, some information is somewhat expanded. This includes, for example, a thread about what happens to Craster’s sons sacrificed. In the fourth episode of the fourth season of “Oathkeeper”, youcan see how Another takes the newborn in his hands and wanders with him to the far North, where he is probably transformed into a White Wanderer.

Interestingly, we don’t quite know the identity of the transforming character. An interesting event occurred on the HBO subpage, where it was written that the Night King was behind it.. After the error was picked up, the message was removed, but no explanation was given as to whether it was a mistake or a manifestation of a far-reaching spoiler. It is worth noting that only in the show in this way was called the leader of others. In this book, the 13th Lord Commander, who married Another.

How did Others in Game of Thrones come about?

The book, however, does not explain how others were created. The case is slightly different in the series, and the breakthrough turned out to be the fifth episode of the sixth season. It clearly shows that the White Wanderers were called to life by the Children of the Forest – that is, the original inhabitants of Westeros, who fought fierce wars with the First People. However, it is not known whether the Other thread will be explained in the same way in the book. What’s more, in both versions of Game of Thrones, it’s not definitively clear what these creatures really want and why they once again decided to attack human-inhabited lands.

We must wait for further clarification

Although the show explains how Others were made in Game of Thrones, little else is actually known about them. They are the characters seouded in the greatest amount of mystery, and they can certainly play a key role in the story – although as is the case with Martin’s work, it doesn’t necessarily have to happen. As a result of many doubts, there has been a lot of speculation about the White Wanderers, as well as the alleged Night King (one of them proclaims that he is… Bran). We just have to wait for the next tone of George R. R. Martin’s novel, as well as for the final season of the tv series Game of Thrones. Recall – premiere on HBO already 15. April of this year.