Marvel or DC? A brief history of the rivalry part. I

Marvel or DC? This dilemma has inflamed sympathizers of both universes for years. Looking for the source of this fierce rivalry, it is worth returning to the very beginnings. History shows that the two releases have been competing with each other since the dawn of the superhero era. Where did it start?

First there was Superman

The first superhero in history was Superman. It was invented by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1933 and appeared in Action Comics. Later created characters such as Batman and Wonder Women are considered the most recognizable superheroes in history. Thanks to its creators, DC has dominated for almost 30 years. With a small exception, however.

Patriotic Captain America

Rivalry, which resulted in the need to choose fri. Marvel or DC started right from the start. It was due to the fact that Marvel (actually – Timely Comics) in 1941 created the embodiment of the power and strength of the American armed forces – Captain America. There would be nothing unusual about this if it were not for the fact that the original of this character possessed similar powers as the superman created much earlier.

Captain America’s Success

The creation of Captain America was aimed at promoting patriotism among citizens, as well as soldiers fighting on the frontlines of World War II. In a word, the comics served as propaganda, as evidenced, for example, by the fact that on one of the first covers Captain America punches Adolf Hitler in the face with his fist. With the end of the war, interest in the hero decreased, forcing Marvel to stop publishing comics. They were involved in creating horror movies and romances. As it turns out, this re-industry after 30 years allowed them to return to the market with momentum.

The cultural importance of DC

Let’s go back for a moment to the beginning of DC. It is noteworthy that the first stories about Superman had a huge cultural impact on the modern United States. They got their radio shows, which became one of the reasons for the overthrow of the Ku Klux Klan. Superman fought his opponents in these broadcasts by uncovering their secrets. It turned out that this was real information about a real grouping, which became the reason for the termination of the organization.

Marvel’s Big Comeback

After nearly thirty years of domination, fans again faced the dilemma of Marvel or DC? Stan Lee’s return to the publishing house, which was then known as “Action Comics” at the time, played a huge part in this. A decade later, he proposed changing his name to “Marvel Comics”, and was also required to form a superhero team in response to DC’s “Justice League.”

Superheroes with human weaknesses

The move turned out to be a hit. Especially since Stan Lee decided to create superheroes who also struggle with human afflictions. That’s how the Spider-Man and having heart problems Peter Parker. Thanks to such a procedure, Marvel began to compete effectively with the defect-free divine heroes of the DC publishing house.

Sales success

Marvel’s move made the publishing house dominate the comic book market in the late 1960s. A big influence on this was the fact that by creating superheroes with their weaknesses, he captured DC readers who were entering adolescence. Their biggest competitor directed their works to the youngest readers, so the decision to reach slightly “more beautiful” readers allowed Marvel to return to the top. Dc did the same thing a little later, creating a series of “graphic novels” aimed at an adult group of readers.

In the next part we will address the issue of Marvel’s bankruptcy and the re-domination of DC, as well as the outline of modern rivalry.