The Walking Dead without Rick? What’s next for the hero?

The creators of the cult series about zombies have long announced that the actor playing the main character – Andrew Lincoln – will say goodbye to the production. So it seems that lovers will have to get used to the vision of The Walking Dead without Rick. Will the hero be excluded from this production forever? Will there be 10. Season?

The Walking Dead without Rick

With the main character, who accompanied the audience from 1. episode, we said goodbye in 5. Episode 9. Season. As the actor himself admits, there is no possibility of him returning to the show. The creators, however, did not decide on the final killing of Rick Grimes’ character, leaving the question of his reappeading too open. Although according to official announcements – the fate of the former policeman will be known in three feature films.

Rick didn’t die

Despite the fact that viewers have to get used to the vision of The Waiking Dead without Rick, they won’t say goodbye to him forever. David Madden himself , one of the heads of AMC station, confirms his agonizing about his return. According to his statements, fans of the universe (this is how TWD is treated in AMC) will have the opportunity to explore the character of Rick Grimes in three feature films. Moreover, the first one is to start at the end of the events of the 5th episode 9. Season. Work on the first film is expected to begin in 2019.

Will there be 10. The Walking Dead season?

AMC does not intend to cancel the show as well. According to official information, an order has already been placed for 10. Season. So there are many indications that the creators will try to convince about the attractiveness of episodes of The Walking Dead without Rick.

Confirmation of the continuity of production can be found, for example, in the words of one of the creators – David Alpert. Still in the process of preparing for the 5th season, he acknowledged that they have no shortage of ideas. They were supposed to have ready-made stories up to 12. Season. So all indications are that ultimately the viewership will decide when the creators will stop commissioning more seasons.

What will The Walking Dead be about without Rick?

Although the creators are in the process of implementing 10. season, it is necessary to prepare for a change in the nature of production. The Walking Dead without Rick won’t be the same – especially since it was from this hero that all the events began.

The creators want to make the production attractive, so you should expect the introduction of new enemies. It is already known that the surviving group will face the Whisperers who appeared in 8. Episode Season 9. Viewers must also get used to the vision in which Daryl and Carol play the first violin in the show.