Who invented Marvel? A brief overview of history

Marvel is a very well-known publishing house. It became famous for publishing comics about Captain America back in 1941. Over time, the pleiade of superheroes, possessing above-average powers, was expanded with other characters, such as Spider-Man. Who invented Marvel? How did the history of one of the most important companies in modern pop culture begin?

Captain America the epitome of patriotism

The beginning of Marvel’s history is related to World War II. It was then decided to promote patriotic attitudes, creating Captain America. It was originally intended to be the epitome of the characteristics and military power of the United States, and the target audience was American society and soldiers who fought on the front lines at the time. Interestingly, the hero in the first version had completely different super powers than the currently known version.

Who invented Marvel?

But who invented Marvel? The publisher’s father was Stanley Martin Lieber, known as Stan Lee. He collaborated with many famous artists and with his brother, which resulted in the creation of many famous superheroes. Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Stan Lee’s brother Larry Lieber contributed to the Marvel comic book universe. It is thanks to their creative minds that characters such as Spider-Man (be sure to see t-shirts), Hulk and Thor have become a permanent part of modern mass culture.

Rivalry with DC

In the context of the success of the publishing house, it is not only who invented Marvel that matters. Strong competition in the form of DC was important, with which there was a fierce rivalry. Initially, it was won by DC. Nevertheless, Stan Lee used the perfect moment to enter the market with stories aimed at an older audience that had just grown out of Superman. During this period he introduced the character Spider-Man and Peter Parker. The comic book series was aimed at teenagers who, like the Marvel character, struggled with family and, above all, heart problems.

Relevance to education

Stan Lee, who invented Marvel, also influenced the promotion of proper social behavior through his work. In the 1960s and 1990s, the under the heading “Stan’s Soapbox”, he wrote off the letters to readers, smuggling anti-drug and anti-racist content into them. In 1971, he co-wrote a comic book about Spider-#96, which told the story of a friend of Peter Parker’s drug addicts. In doing so, it gave Marvel the status of a participatory entity in educating the public.

The creator has many decorations to his account. In 1994, he was named among the outstanding artists in the “Hall of Fame of the Will Eisner Award”, and a year later in the “Jack Kirby Hall of Fame”. Stan Lee died at 12. November in 2018, however, will always be seen as an icon of modern pop culture.